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.940 Argentium silver.

Lifetime warranty and restorations.

Free chain with 2+ rings.

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Free next day ring sizer (Buy now, size later).

.940 Argentium silver.

Lifetime warranty and restorations.

Free chain with 2+ rings.

Free shipping over $100.


Need some help deciding on a gift?

Gifting Recommendations

Interested in getting an Urban Sterling ring as a gift for someone but don’t know what to pick? You’re in the right place! If you’re interested in a custom piece click here. Otherwise, here are some general suggestions regardless of the person:



If they already wear jewellery:


Do they wear silver or gold?
If they already have silver jewellery you should opt for more silver, if they wear gold you should opt for more gold and so on. This is to avoid the cardinal jewellery sin of mixing metals. Mixing metals can be done effectively but it requires some thought, and unless you want to design outfits for the recipient I’d steer clear.


What sort of jewellery do they wear?
If they’re into dainty and thin pieces take care to not get them a huge chonker of a signet like The Fall of Icarus. Likewise if they’ve got a thing for bold signets don’t get them something thin like Galileo, because it won’t match.


If they don’t already wear jewellery:

If they don’t wear any jewellery you’re pretty much free to pick whatever, but try to choose something that you think reflects their personality or interests. The info below should help.


Overall Suggestions:

Base your metal choice on skin tone. This might sound overly technical but it’s really easy to figure out. Just take a look at the veins on their wrist (don’t make it creepy) and take note of whether they have a greenish tone or a blueish tone. If they look greenish, then they have a warmer skin tone and vice versa.


Warmer metals like gold, brass and bronze tend to suit warmer skin tones. On the other hand, whiter metals like silver, platinum, and white gold tend to work well with cooler skin tones. 


I’m able to produce rings in any of these metals, but most rings are available through the website in silver only because it’s by far the most popular options. If you’d like a piece in another metal just shoot me an email and I’ll reply within a couple hours.


For him:

Picking out jewellery for a guy is a lot like picking out a T-shirt. Its impossible to recommend anything in particular because ideal choices depend on personality, sense of fashion, daily activities and so on. Despite this there are some options that are likely to suit most people.


If you’re shopping for a guy your best bet is usually a mid-sized signet ring, especially if he has no other rings. A single signet ring on its own can be enough to look stylish without going overboard. If he wears other rings then you’ll want to choose something that compliments them. 


For example, if he has a square signet, an oval signet, and a couple bands shared between hands, then you’ll want to go for a design that isn’t already there to create some variety. In this case a platform signet like Helios would be good.


The most popular “men’s rings” (I use that term loosely because rings aren’t really a gendered item) I sell are:

For her:

Girls can swing both ways in terms of ring styles. Its best to take notice of what she already wears before making any purchases. 


As stated in the overall advice section, you’ll want to take care to pick something that will fit with the rest of her jewellery. My most popular “women’s jewellery” picks are:

Still don’t know?

That’s ok, I forgive you. If you want more help with deciding on a ring, shoot me a message with that little chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen. 


If it’s sizing you’re struggling with, head over to my sizing page. All invoicing is done via email, so if your order is a gift you can ship it directly to the recipient’s address or give them the entire package so they can unbox it themself.

Need some help deciding on a gift?

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