Sizing Guide

Update: Because of the launch of my new “buy now, size later” feature, there’s no need for you to struggle with measuring your finger with paper or string. Instead, just select the “buy now, size later” option when you place your order, and I’ll make sure an accurate ring sizer arrives to you the next business day.

Don’t know your ring size and can’t figure it out? We’ve all been there. This should help.

I use US sizing simply because I find it easier to work with and more intuitive than UK sizing. If you have a ring already or know your ring size you can easily convert your size here.

I’ve included a couple ring sizing charts below for your convenience. If you have any Pandora rings the sizing can easily be converted into US sizing with the second chart.

If you don’t already own any rings, you can measure the circumference of your chosen finger with a piece of string or strip of paper as shown in the 3rd chart. Keep in mind that fingers do vary in size throughout the day depending on how much blood is in them. As the day progresses, your fingers will usually become larger due from increased blood flow as a result of exertion or warmth. To make sure you don’t end up with a ring that won’t come off, try and account for this by measuring during late afternoon.

Sizing chart 1
Pandora size chart
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