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Est. 2020 | Newcastle, NSW.


urban sterling providence argentium silver signet ring

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Stories in silver.

Inspired by ancient mythology and legends, I created Urban Sterling to tell stories through the medium of precious metals. An unhurried and discerning design ethos ensures that each piece is a clear expression of an artistic vision, while strict manufacturing processes ensure it will last centuries to come.

Founded in October 2020 in the city of Newcastle, Urban Sterling is a modern company with modern values. Ethical practices are at the forefront of all business decisions, including establishing partnerships only with suppliers with certified 100% recycled and slavery free supply chains. Labour is never outsourced overseas, and all domestic shipping is carbon neutral. 

About the Piece

Providence (noun): the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power.

The final piece of the Abyssal Chapter. Heavy use of negative space provides contrast between the two elements on the front of the piece. On the sides of the ring, each element is deconstructed into it’s constituent parts. Metal shards for the sword and leaves for the sapling. Inside the shank the name of the piece is engraved, as well as the metal certification hallmark and the USCo. signature. 

This piece tells the story of a simple human creation returning to the earth, shattered and broken. The transition between human-made sword and sapling reflects on the transitory nature of human existence in contrast to the unyielding permanence of our natural environment and the greater universe. We owe our existence to the Earth, a divine sanctuary for humanity. But to the Earth, our lifespan is a mere second and our lives are meaningless.

urban sterling providence argentium silver signet ring

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Full in-house design service with customer feedback for every step of the process. No outsourcing and no corner-cutting.


Nothing but 5 star reviews over hundreds of orders. This is a one man operation, so you won't need to deal with any customer service assistants and can expect fast replies at all times.


Sustainably sourced and the highest quality materials. My manufacturer is the only one in Australia subject to annual Conflict Metals audits to ensure compliance with national and international regulations.


Years of experience in creating custom jewellery in every metal and every style. If you can come up with an idea, I can make it.

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