Some examples of my work.

All available pieces are underlined,
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A rounded band with a snake and various symbols around the back. Representing rebirth and the cycle of life.

urban sterling daybreak sterling silver pendant


Daybreak is an organic bar pendant inspired by cave stalactites. It’s engraved with the character “暁”, meaning “dawn” in Chinese and Japanese.

urban sterling providence sterling silver signet ring


Providence is a platform signet featuring a sapling and a sword. Heavy use of negative space provides contrast between the two elements on the front of the piece.

urban sterling silver salem signet ring witch


A square signet ring engraved with a depiction of a witch burning. Extremely detailed and complex. 

urban sterling monthly exclusive haven signet ring


A handcrafted rectangular signet ring engraved with a landscape featuring mountains, a river, trees, birds and so on.

urban sterling gold freemason signet ring

Freemason Signet

Woah! This isn’t silver!
An 18 karat gold signet ring featuring a floral shank and a freemason logo on the face. Extremely intricate, extremely costly.


A diamond shaped signet ring emblazoned with a ram skull on top of geometric patterns. A ram skull represents power, courage, and strength, but also Satanism and the occult.

Blackjack Signet

A signet based on a blackjack hand, featuring a King of Hearts and an Ace of Diamonds. Across the face is written Adh an Diabhail, or “Devil’s Luck” in Irish.

Torii Gate

Created based on Japanese Torii (鳥居) gates. These gates mark the entrance to the sacred area of a Shintō shrine. The face of the ring is also carved with a flock of birds and waves.

Paper Crane Pendant

The crane has always been a strong symbol of success and good fortune in Japanese culture, and when folded as origami, it is believed that your heart’s desire will come true.

The Fall of Icarus

Inspired by ancient Greek mythology,
a vertical rectangle signet depicting Icarus’ fall from the skies. Engraved with the sun, olive branches, the ocean, and Icarus himself.


The final piece of the Celestial Collection, featuring planets and stars extruding up from the void of space. This piece is dark and moody to symbolise the beginning of the Abyssal Collection

Scorpio Cattle Brand

Created as an 18th birthday commission. Heavily inspired by a Scorpio symbol cattle brand the owner kept as a memoir of their family’s farm. A unique and interesting piece that heavily utilises negative space.


A flat band featuring a reversible design in collaboration with Paranjal K. This piece is named after and inspired by Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, the moon, wilderness, and wild animals. 

helios sterling silver ring urban sterling silver australia


An incredible platform signet in collaboration with Jed Nicholls, featuring the sun piercing through oriental style clouds. Helios also displays secondary design elements on both sides of the face

Sun Signet

A simple circle signet commission engraved with a line drawing of the Sun. The Sun symbolises power, growth, the cycle of life, and health. Sometimes simple is best.

galileo sterling silver ring urban sterling silver australia


Named after the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei, a delicate piece depicting Saturn and a star. A gap between the two elements creates definition and visual interest.

Whale Signet

A design created for a wedding. Whales are a significant part of Māori heritage, so it was great to be able to capture them on a piece in Sterling Silver for the buyer.

Stag Signet

This ring was designed for a 21st birthday. The piece depicts a stag with a crescent moon above its antlers, representing independence, pride, and the passage of time.


A clean circle signet depicting a glowing lantern. Symbolising enlightenment, warmth, and safety.

Fractal Band

This is a design I came up with while messing around with some wax. Definitely an interesting piece if it’s your style.

Vagina Ring?

I value all my customers and mean no disrespect, but why on earth would you commission this? I’m happy to do it for you, but why?

Cable Link Chain

Urban Sterling expands into bracelets! This is a lovely design, simple and effective. Available as a necklace too.

CAD Semicolon

100% of profits donated to Beyond Blue. “Поживём – увидим.” means “We will live, we will see” or more concisely “Wait and see.””

urban sterling semicolon ring handmade

Handmade Semicolon

100% of profits donated to Beyond Blue. A simple band with a Semicolon etched into the shank. Each made is completely unique.


Symbolising the passage of time. It has a planet with moons and a star cluster engraved on each side of the band.

Odio Al Rey

One of my favourites. A 5 pointed crown on the face and “Odio Al Rey” engraved around the shank. In Spanish this means “I hate the king”.

Sunrise Signet

The Signet of a New Dawn. One of a kind, available here.

Evil Eye

An eye with rays following around to the back of the ring shank.

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Rune Bands

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Rune Band

A band carved with Younger Furthark runes. “A tree does not fall with a single blow.”

   ‎‎‎Leaf Band

‎‎‎Leaf Band

A simple band with a vine reaching around. A thoughtful fusion of nature and metal.

Faceted Band

Roman Numeral Band

A band with a hammer-forged texture. Engraved with Roman numerals of your choice.

Sterling Stackers

Sterling Stackers

Versatile stackers. They’ll fit with any style. You can quite easily dress them up or down.

The Eye of Horus

A clean, high polish round signet with the eye of an ancient Egyptian God etched in.

Koi Fish 鯉‎

A hand-carved Koi Fish attached to a subtle band. A symbol of fortune and perseverance.


A little round signet. Elegant. Simple. A ring for a pure soul.

Thick Band

Gleaming silver wrapping around your finger. As chill as it gets.

Lemon Tree

A gorgeous rectangular signet with an impression of a lemon tree branch.


A cute band with a lil’ dino on the front.

Oval Signet

A timeless design. A classic. I’ve made many before and I’ll make many more.


A bold, clean piece that’ll work with any style. No compromises.

If this inspires you to get something custom made, shoot me a message here.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”
Janet Morris

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