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Urban Sterling
Est. 2020 | Newcastle, NSW.


urban sterling providence argentium silver signet ring

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Designed with care.
Intended for daily wear.

Interested in a custom?


Full in-house design service with customer feedback for every step of the process. No outsourcing and no corner-cutting.


Nothing but 5 star reviews over hundreds of orders. This is a one man operation, so you won't need to deal with any customer service assistants and can expect fast replies at all times.


Sustainably sourced and the highest quality materials. My manufacturer is the only one in Australia subject to annual Conflict Metals audits to ensure compliance with national and international regulations.


Years of experience in creating custom jewellery in every metal and every style. If you can come up with an idea, I can make it.

Interested in a custom for yourself or as a gift? Click this button and fill out the form; I’ll reply to you within 1-2 hours. 

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