The Celestial Collection

Abyssus | Tenebrae

Dusk looms, the Abyssal Collection begins.

“Best ring I’ve ever bought. Literally my favourite purchase of all time absolutely fucking exceptional” – Dylan Daniels

Inspired by Greek Mythology

Illustrations of the Greek god Helios, the god of the sun. 


visage of the sun god

Jewellery is an unforgiving medium. It strips all shading, colour, and nuance from your designs. Consequently, efficient use of space and planning is a must. With The Fall of Icarus I focused on incorporating only the defining elements of the narrative: Icarus himself, the sun, the ocean, and olive branches. I made sure to take advantage of negative space to create contrast between the elements, visible in Icarus and the ocean.

The flat, vertical signet style is a great fit for a detailed scene, so I packed the face with as much engraving as I possibly could. 


helios sterling silver ring urban sterling silver australia
USCO 2022

The Fall of Icarus

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The serpent sheds it's skin

The moon has long been steeped in superstition. It’s generally accepted to represent the cycle of existence; it slowly waxes from a slender crescent moon to a bright orb in the night sky, and then wanes back into nothing. 

The serpent is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols in the world. Historically snakes represent continual rebirth, as they shed their skin and regrow it constantly.


form x function

Bands are unique in the fact that you can orient them 360 degrees around your finger. I took advantage of this when designing Artemis, but I wanted to take it to the next level with Venin. This one band features a total of 8 designs the whole way around, making it an extremely versatile piece. 

All of the elements are somewhat dark and occult, fitting the theme of the Abyssal Collection. 

Just for fun I also snuck in some references to previous and future Abyssal Collection pieces. The skull is a nod to Mycelium, the sword to Providence, and the Pentagram to Sacrilege

USCO 2022
urban sterling venin silver ring


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An Unholy Mark

Sacrilege (noun) : A behavior that shows great disrespect for a holy place or object; gross irreverence toward a hallowed person, place, or thing.

Due to the fearless nature of rams, a ram skull is typically used to signify courage or power. It can also be a representation of the occult, and because of its association with death and sacrifice has been linked to Satanism and witchcraft; hence the name “Sacrilege”. 


Witchcraft and the occult

For my next addition to the Abyssal Collection, I wanted to expand on the occult themes I experimented on with Venin. 

I did some research and decided on a ram skull. Like snakes, rams have strong roots in mythological symbolism, signifying determination and strength, but they also have a deep occult connection. 

Because of the ram skull’s link to death and sacrifice, it’s commonly used as a symbol by Satanic groups and in witchcraft. Thousands of years ago, Horned deities were also worshipped in Pagan religions. Consequently, the Christian Church labelled the ram skull symbol heretical. 

After engraving the ram skull into the piece, I felt there was a little too much empty space. and that the design was lacking something. For that reason I decided to add a geometrical design behind the skull.

USCO 2022
urban sterling silver sacrilege ring


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Nature's Protection

Providence (noun): the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power.

This piece represents the strength of nature. In the end, even the most sturdy and powerful of human creations become one with the earth.


Black & white

For the final piece of the Abyssal Collection, my focus was pushing all the techniques used in this collection to the limits. This led to the ultra-high contrast design and perfectly clean details. 

The face is divided into a raised platform and a recessed section. Once the recessed section is oxidised, it becomes completely black, while the raised platform stays white. 

On the sides of the ring, the elements on the front are deconstructed into their constituent parts. The sword is broken into metal fragments, and the sapling into falling leaves. 

USCO 2022


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